We hire and develop talent that is Disruptive, Driven and Different. We want our employees to embrace these three attitudes, because these three core values ensure Corning Business Solutions  continuing leadership and transparency - we live and breathe them!

So what does this look like?

7 key behaviors really drive thinking and our DNA. These run through everything we do - no exception.

Results oriented - getting results every time and being dependable and consistent

Passionate - energy and belief - loyal and positive

Organized - professional, structured and detailed

Determined - driven, change maker

Creative - strategic, open minded, insightful and original

Frugal - always put business economics first - way of being  

Human - team player, emotionally intelligent and empathetic - recognize the value of people - great at building and developing high performance teams

It’s no lie, we are 100% Customer Obsessed and Quality is the key driver whether it is our service, clear communication, product, data, or performance. As a result of living these behaviors, and breathing being Disruptive, Driven and Different we pride ourselves on having ‘Zero Passengers’, meaning everyone is hands-on, ‘managing from the middle’, and contributing to blur’s success of both today and tomorrow. No matter the role, everyone adds value with ‘Zero Inefficiency’ which means we have a high impact start, followed by a strong middle, and an awesome end.

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