Our services start right at the inception of an idea. We help our clients refine the idea, help identify the technology for its implementation and assist in identifying a business plan for it. This initial effort is followed up with documenting, designing, building and releasing the application in the most effective manner possible.

We strongly believe that websites and web applications should not only perform the function they are meant to perform but they should also look classy, elegant, simplistic and beautiful; and corporate where applicable. As aesthetic design experts, we strive to study and refine each application we build from a usability and aesthetic standpoint.

Web Design

Website Design

We design simple, clean, easy-to-use web sites that attract and engage users. Our sites combine beautiful aesthetics with usability standards and advanced technologies. This results in positive, memorable user experiences that build your brand and help you generate more revenue.



You do have the power to make your website authoritative and easily accessible on major search engines such as Google. Among our diverse clientele, we have established a reputation for results. We care about the success of our clients and know that at the end of the day each SEO campaign should deliver rankings that result in returns.

E-Commerce & Payment Processing


Looking to maximize your online sales and gain a competitive edge? You need more than just a shopping cart. Our comprehensive e-commerce solution combines the technology, creativity, operations, and marketing capabilities required to attract customers, convert more sales, and grow your online business.

E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing

Corning Business Solutions  can provide you complete end to end solutions for Email Marketing. We have done more than a thousand email marketing campaigns in the past 2 yrs. We have clients who are satisfied with our services and repeatedly come to us. We offer unmatched value and service at the most reasonable cost.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Every second your web site is down, you’re losing opportunities, revenue and the confidence of your visitors and users. We can provide all manner of hosting service whether it be a simple family blog or a high-traffic revenue-generating site which requires 99.9% up-time.


Sometimes our clients want to do things in house but need a little bit of help. We have provided consulting services for all things web-related for a wide array of satisfied clients of all sizes. Often, customers for our other services have us stay on as consultants for future needs they may have.

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